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The class will be in english.

Overcoming Tinnitus
– tips for musicians


1. Outline Of the Session.

– Understanding Volume to help with the prevention of tinnitus, or to help stop your tinnitus from getting worse.
– Volume tricks the mind into thinking that louder is better.
– How to use Ear plugs and what type of ear plugs to use.
– How to reduce the work loud on your ears. (Tips for practising, writing and recording?
– Tips for studio work.

2. Coping With Tinnitus.

Coping with tinnitus can be hard. In this part of the masterclass we go through the following:

– Consider being open about your tinnitus. (Examples)
– Understanding that you are not alone.
– Understanding that you are going to be absolutely fine despite your tinnitus.
– Being proactive.
– Coping techniques such as stretching, breakfast, evening routines, reducing stress, distractions and general mental health.
– Sound therapy, how to use it.
– DB counters, how to use on your phone.

About Jack Rubinacci

Jack is a professional musician and works with music every day. He has opened for Lionel Richie, Joe Cocker, Arcade Fire and many more. He has had tinnitus for 20 years.
He is the author of 2 books on tinnitus and  have been interviewed multiple times on some of the largest music podcasts in the industry such as Recording Rockstars and Working Class Audio.
He is also a group leader at Tinnitus UK and lead a support group forprofessional musicians.

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