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Are you a professional artist and want to make a living from your music? Join GramArt – the Recording Artists’ Association!

GramArt is the organization for Norwegian artists and professional musicians. GramArt was established in 1989 to protect the legal rights and professional interests of the recording artists. The GramArt`s Board of Directors consists exclusively of Norwegian artists and professional musicians.

What we do
GramArt is advocating the interests of the artists in the public debate and we are constantly striving to improve their overall conditions. We want them to have more control of their business, their music and their rights, as well as a fairer share of the profits in the music industry. To ensure this, we work on a general and an individual level. On the general level, we participate in the legislative and policy debates and in internal industry negotiations and we represent the artists in the relevant societies and collective management organizations. On the individual level, we provide legal and business advice to our members and offer education and other benefits.

Why join GramArt?
By joining GramArt you support our policy efforts and amplify our voice in the public debate.  In addition, you gain access to the best benefits available to artists and musicians.

By acting on a collective basis, we can offer the best and most affordable instrument- and equipment insurance on the market, as well as our travel insurance. We can also offer you discounts when travelling, buying music equipment, or simply managing your day-to-day business.

Our expertise is music law and the music business. Our attorneys can provide you with legal advice at affordable fees to assist you in your contract negotiations or disputes you might come across. We can guide you through the challenges you might meet as a performing artist.

We also believe in educating our members, and you can update your knowledge by attending one of our seminars. We are constantly working on developing new courses in keeping up with the times.

All artists and performing musicians in all genres are welcome as a member of GramArt.

For only 725 NOK a year you can join us and take part in our many benefits.

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You can always contact us for more information:
Phone: (+47) 22 00 56 50