Jakob Haq

Creating music with mobile apps is a fast-growing trend. Your hosts Calixte Tayoro and Jakob Haq will focus on apps, workflow, studio production and marketing.  In the first session, Calixte will look at the nature of mobile music and how it forces and inspires us to rethink music making and workflows. He will focus on innovative apps such as Fugue Machine, Patterning as well as hits like Loopy and apps by big players like Ableton, Akai, Korg, Moog etc., and cases where musicians have developed their own apps. The session includes case studies.

Jakob continues with a look at the world created by Propellerheads’ Figure, mobile music from toy to professional tool. He looks at the virtual cabling tools we couldn’t live without and presents a case study of Buddhadrome project (video). Finally he will discuss the challenges of becoming a mobile musician: the ever-changing nature of the “updates” and the love/hate relationship with platforms such as Apple and Android.

Calixte Tayoro  worked for various technology companies such as Canal Web (Paris), Icon Medialab (Brussels) and Fronter (Oslo. Later he has been teaching kids with a multicultural background how to produce music and be creative with mobile apps. He’s currently recording his first album as Blip Machines.

Jakob Haq has got a deep love for new and innovative technology that can enhance not only the music, but also the experience of making music. He is now specializing in mobile music making and sharing his knowledge through hisYouTube channel, where he is teaching other iOS musicians how to make great mobile music.

The seminar will be held in English. Open entrance for artists who play by:Larm as well as delegates. Please see bylarm.no for more information about the conference and festival.